About Us

SpYre Marketing partners with organisations to drive key business objectives and outcomes.

We want to help you discover winning formula’s to drive brand growth and build lifetime customer relationships


I had a very rewarding corporate career that spanned 15 years working within various industries such as hardware retailing, tyre manufacturing, FMCG and private education. It was gratifying to work on both international and much loved South African brands. There were many lessons learnt through customer feedback and it remains extremely fulfilling being able to surprise and delight customers through value-adding initiatives. Our customers are the catalyst that propel brands forward for many generations. Leaving behind the corporate giants and the big brand names, I delved head-fast into the unknown with courage and a deep desire to help create the same success with each and every business I engage with.    


SpYre Marketing partners with companies to develop, implement and monitor strategic marketing plans to drive business goals. We ensure that we are fully entrenched in your business strategy and align marketing plans to achieve your objectives. We utilise various marketing platforms and ensure that you remain connected to your customers whilst delivering value as you adapt to, and advance with their changing needs. 


What can you expect from us? Marketing strategy, Brand strategy, Digital & Social media plans, product expansion into new markets, product introduction strategies, customer relationship management plans, customer experience expertise and much more.

Progressive – Transformative – Digital Marketing Company